That boy is a monster.

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I finallyyyyyyy downloaded Lady Gaga’s entire album Fame Monster last week and I’m not going to sit around and pretend like I’m not obsessed. I AM I AM AND I WON’T DENY IT. A SERIOUS singing/dancing session takes place in my car every day. And yes, by myself.

Most recent purchase and/or steal:

Created by Silence & Noise. Found at Urban Outfitters. Orignal price: $58. Sale price:  $10.99. I honestly don’t know how this piece of art made it to the sale rack but it DID AND I FOUND IT. I practically felt like a thief walking out of the store!

Also, I ate at Kerbey Lane again last night. Whatever you do, do not order the “Cream Chipotle Pasta with mushrooms,” it tastes bland, cheap, and nasty. EW. I am starting to wonder if the only worthwhile item they have to eat is that queso from God. Hmph.



April 24, A Whole Neworld.

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Ohhhh boy do I have some commendation.

NEWORLDELI. Absolutely amazing. Upon leaving a new friends’ house, I noticed the deli and I noticed I was starving so I decided to check it out. Had some issues with being sat, ended up seating myself but a server was quick to tend to me. Neworld’s menu is so awesome. It is very simple, sandwiches under one list, vegetarian dishes under one list, and dinner plates under one list. Love simplicity. There was one section of the menu called “THE REUBEN,” and the sandwich alone having it’s own section was reason enough for me to order it.

I got The Reuben with pastrami, also consisting of sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and russian dressing served on rye bread.

EVEN THOUGH it took 20 very long minutes to come to my table…..I feel the urge to say this is the best sandwich I’ve had all year.

So, freakin’, good. The pastrami was excellent. And the sauerkraut….OMG. I honestly don’t know much about ‘kraut but this sandwich took my taste buds to a new level. The cheese perfectly melted, the bread perfectly grilled…it was truly a work of art. I ordered coleslaw as my side, and once again I feel inclined to say that it was the best coleslaw…ever. Impeccable. Yes, I just called coleslaw impeccable. That’s how good it is. And on top of that, it is beautifully compatible with the Reuben sandwich.

I mean it was just an old school reuben with slaw but MAN it was delicious. The restaurant’s slogan is “where bland is banned” and they obviously hold true to that statement, as it is without a doubt reflected in their food.

I wish I had a legitimate picture of my plate. I might just have to take this blog to the next level of geekdom and start bringing my camera into restaurants. =). Sidekick pics do not do any justice at all. I need you all to SEE THE BEAUTY because appearance is just as important as taste…and that statement is valid in more than one arena.

As far as atmosphere goes, Neworld is a cool, dark, and cozy hangout. I came in on a saturday evening and they had a live guitar duet singing/playing some blues-jazz ish sounds. One interesting observation I made was that almost every single customer in the restaurant had graying hair. I felt like the environment was made for mid-40’s adults, and I was totally enjoying this vibe! So many good things to say, I need to stop myself before I get carried away. I think I might be in love with Neworldeli y’all.

After all of this deliciousness I went to see BONE THUGS N HARMONY!! @ Emo’s. I gotttaaa give a shout out to my homeboy Carter Froman for finding the last 2 tickets in Austin, TX,  24 hours before the show might I add. Sold out online, sold out on Craigslist…I was feeling pretty hopeless until Carter made some phone calls and found the last 2 tickets available in a random smoke shop. Although my favorite bone was missing (Bizzy), it was still a super crunk show…as expected. I had a lot of fun. Love my b-thugs., 1999 Eternal 4 LYFE.

I NEED PICTURES!! Agh screw it… I’m about to start carrying the Nikon everywhere.


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Welp it’s been nearly a year since I scribbled in this thing. I think my motivation to discontinue with the food chatting laid in the mere fact that Yelp! commentators have pretty much said almost all of the things that I want to say. So yeh. It’s always a disappointing moment when you realize that a thought or notion which you had all along considered original turns to complete and utter shit once you come to understand that someone is doing that same thing you’re doing, thinking along the same lines, having the same ideas, saying the same.exact.thing.

Not that I was ever considering my attempt at food blogging original…I just grew to think “why am I even talking about this when the same opinions are on another page, just one click away?”

Anyways, the point is that from here on out I will no longer restrict the content to just food outings, opening the blog up to say whatever in the hell I find interesting. I’m still half-ass-ly on the uber-personal Livejournal game, but obviously many/most of my thoughts and findings are of a much more casual nature…and by that I mean of a nature which I can expose to ze public.

Despite this introduction, I feel urged to express my experience at the Cheesecake Factory in the Arboretum last night.

David and I started with the Thai Lettuce Wrap appetizer…which was AWESOME. It came with a variety of fresh toppings and 3 Thai-esque sauces. Oh and the presentation was fabuloso. One of the sauces was rather sticky, leaving an unpleasant residue on the hands, so our waitress brought us warmly moistened towels. Ahh the pleasure of 4-star grandiosity! It was nice.

Thennnn the shitty part: the entrees.

I ordered the Pasta da Vinci which consisted of penne pasta in a pesto sauce, served with grilled chicken and mushrooms. The menu description and online suggestiveness had me really stoked for this plate BUT oh how I was thoroughly disappointed. I think I may have just been unlucky enough to eat the work of a tired, lazy, I-don’t-gaf because it’s the end of my shift -cook because we came into eat around 9:30, an hour and a-half before CF’s closing time. Anyways, I say this because my dish was COMPLETELY LACKING in any form of flavor. So bland. Straight up nasty. Don’t get me wrong, I ate it…but it wasn’t even worth putting the 1/2lb that was leftover in a box to take home. What a waste of 17 dollars :/.

David had the Jamaican Black Pepper shrimp. I will speak on his behalf and say this plate also sucked. Although he was served a plentiful amount, the shrimp were a lot smaller than I had expected. The shrimp were complimented with brown rice, black beans, plantains, and mango salsa/ pico-de-gallo stuff. The mango action was so mushy, the black beans tasted old, the rice was blah, the plantains were blah, and I guess the shrimp were o-k, having a level of flavor one might expect from a seafood dinner at Applebee’s.

All-in-all a huge shitfest.

THE ONLY REASON I left happy was the Godiva cheesecake, which was so heavenly that I think I may have believed in God again for those 10 minutes of pure euphoria. Sweet mother of pearl. I literally felt like I was at the peak of an MDMA roll when I let every bite sit in my mouth. Initially the taste was of a mousse-textured milk chocolate, and then a thick sensation of dark chocolate, with little chunks of Godiva chocolate bars in the midst, paired with a divinely whipped cream. It was so delicious I had to close my eyes so David wouldn’t see them rolling into the back of my head in pleasure. Not even kidding. I think I ate practically 3/4s of it all by myself, David being too full to enjoy the delight of dessert… as usual. Absolutely fantastic. I even made the remark that it was entirely worth every penny of those 60 dollars I spent just to experience that cheesecake.

Tipped the waitress 11 bucks and then used the cleanest and most nice-smelling ladies room I’ve been into in a long while to wash my hands, I have a strange appreciation for swanked out restrooms lol. Then we bounced, moaning and groaning all the way home in expression of our feeling like big fat gluttonous pigs. Despite our random arguments which seemed to sporadically interject into what was generally peachy dinner conversation, it was a fun time.

In other news, Spring Break is over. I didn’t really do anything except make attempts to tag-along with my freshly 21-yr old best friend from back home who came to Austin for the SXSW experience. However, while 6th st was fantastical for her, by the second night I went down there the street had of course already become agitating and annoying to me. Way too many out-of-town wannabe-hipsters, way too many people, and a lot of shitty music. However, my annoyance may have been partly due to the fact that I didn’t have an expensive pass hanging around my neck, allowing for no access to any of the real coolness, and secondly due to the fact that I straight up hate congested crowds, the make me feel uncomfortable and irritable. Blegh. So yea. Mostly chilled and just enjoyed not having to work much and not having to make my way onto this god-forsaken campus every freakin’ day.

Back to school again. UT really has a lovely campus, but after 3 years the scene is getting reallly old. I’m very interested to find a new place to study other than the stinky PCL and the cold and sterile FAC. Sick of these places. Sick of it!!!!!!! So if any of you UT kids have recommendations, holler.  I think I’m just flat-out sick of school right now. Really don’t want to take Summer classes but I kinda wanna stick with my double major I have goin’ on atm, and I don’t want to be a student for any longer than I have to. But then again, the thought of summer classes……Meh.

Finally saving up for a bicycle,, forreal this time. So OVER taking the West Campus bus. David got me this sweet asian type cat-shaped piggy? bank which I’ve been inserting nothing but 20 dollar bills and quarters into. None of that chump changgeee ya digg. So yea! I think I’ve got about 80 dollars up in thurr and I just started this saving thing a week and a half ago. On a fast track! Hoping to have my money right in about 2-3 weeks, allotting David the privilege of finding a bike for me on Craigslist, seeing as I don’t know one thing about bicycles. Besides the whole 2-wheels part.

Anyways, the PCL computer lab smells like the purest form of B.O. and farts right now so I g2g. Can’t stand to breathe in one more breath of this disgusting, stagnantly rank stench. 100+ humans sitting on computers in a lukewarm room. NAST.


May 6, woot.

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Having a late night dinner consisting of elbow noodles and Velveeta, accompanied with some GForeman grilled chicken, marinated in Worchestershire, sprinkled with lemon pepper, salt, and Tony Cachere’s (of course). Classically tasty. And significantly cheap.

LOOK WHAT I FOUND FOR DESSERT!….drum roll please:

On sale for $1 at Walgreens. They’re in the midst of the freezing process right now, but I’ll let y’all know. Pretty excited, seeing as Warheads are one of my top 5 candies of all time. Maybe a little TOO excited.


April 21st – TACO TIME

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As far as Torchy’s “Damn Good” Tacos are concerned:

Taco of the month, “Mr. Orange” —

Blackened salmon, grilled corn and black bean relish, avocado salsa, queso fresco cilantro, with a hint of lime on a corn tortilla.


April 20th, the dankness that is Kerbey Queso.

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Soooooo yesterday was 4-20! What a great day in the year 2010. As we celebrated respectively, I decided it would be a great idea to eat respectively. My friend mentioned that he went to Kerbey Lane Cafe the day before and once it was said… it was done. Seeing as the homeboys were glued to the flat screen, flipping through various playoff games, I took it upon myself to drive a few blocks down to Kerbey Lane and pick up some mad grubbage to-go.

Kerbey Lane Cafe is quite possibly the coolest 24/7 joint to eat at in West Campus. Walking through the door is like entering a time warp taking you back to 1982. The restaurant has a totally laid back diner atmosphere, and that distinct Austin flair is right in your face. I think the adjective “groovy” would do the restaurant the most justice. The waitstaff is almost always friendly and welcoming, and the ingredients are always fresh and as local as they can get. I decided to get the steadfastly delicious Kerbey Queso  (Guacamole covered with queso and topped with pico de gallo. Served with salsa and tortilla chips) and the Quesadillas Chevrette (Grilled shrimp, cajun spices, and melted cheddarjack cheese. Served with chipotle mayo and pineapple mango pico de verano).

I wish that I could explain the deliciousness of Kerbey Queso in words, but I don’t think it’s humanly possible. All I have to say is that it is the best queso I have ever had. End of story. I don’t know if it’s the guacamole, or the cheese…or both, but it is beautiful and my taste buds were more than pleased. The queso is a little expensive, priced at 7.25$ I think…but it is completely worth it y’all. I don’t think anyone could disagree.

The quesadillas were alright. They tasted rather plain and bland, but I’m not really a fan of shrimp in my quesadillas anyways so my opinion isn’t very valid on this one. The chipotle mayo had hardly any flavor, but the pineapple mango pico de gallo was pretty good. Priced at 6.50$…wouldn’t get them again. But I would get the queso again, all day every day. Lol! <3 Kerbey Lane!!

As for today, I ate at Tochy’s Tacos, which is equally delicious and definitely deserves it’s own entry…but I have class in 5 mins so there is no time for taco writings at the moment. There is no doubt I will glorify the taco of the month later though.

Peace Easy.

April 15, Dragalicious

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Coco’s Cafe! Super cute! A friend of mine has been recommending it to me, and since my taste buds were open to anything yesterday I decided to cruise down the drag and check it out. They have a HUGE variety of taiwanese dishes to offer, most of them priced at an amazing SIX bucks! How sweet is that? I was a little overwhelmed by my options but finally decided on the #6, Peppered Steak

with rice. The restaurant is really tiny and it was dinner time when I walked in so it was packed….with asians. Haha, but literally. I was the only Anglo in the place. Since there weren’t any tables available and I was pretty eager to get home, I ordered to-go. My food was ready in about 5 minutes and even by the time I got home (30 mins later) it was still super hot and fresh.

Coco’s also has a huge drink menu, apparently known for their pearl drinks and bubble teas. I honestly don’t know what a pearl drink is as I obviously have never tried one. The appearance of them kind of frightens me, but everyone around me was sipping on one so I am sure they are delish. I will have to try one soon.

My food was pretty good. I mean, it was a $6 rice and steak plate…I can’t say it was spectacular but the taste for the price is pretty awesome.

I added a little soy sauce, picked up ze chop sticks, and annihilated my styrofoam dish clean in about 5 minutes haha. Needless to say, it was the dankness and I will totally…without a doubt, be back. Super cool place!